Import of industrial chemistry from Europe and Asia, customs clearance of imported cargo and delivery to the customer's site is one of the main activities of "TK Rondo" LLC.

We carefully observe the strict requirements of the legislation in the design and transportation of such products, because they are toxic and highly sensitive to environmental influences.

For transportation of industrial chemistry, we use specialized cars in order to protect the environment from the influence of toxic elements. Due to this we can guarantee the customer the safe transportation of such goods.

Without fail, before the start of the procedures for import and export of industrial chemistry, specialists of the Foreign Economic Activity Department of RONDO select a vehicle based on the dimensions and features of the cargo. When registering imports of industrial chemistry, it is extremely important to correctly and promptly issue permits for goods.

Stages of industrial chemistry import.

Since different substances have specific properties, the procedure for registering the import of chemicals to Russia requires a painstaking approach.

  • Packaging is labeled in accordance with all legal requirements, depending on the mode of transportation (sea, rail containers, combined cargo);

  • We draw up all the documents necessary for customs and transport the goods across the border by our own forces. We provide forwarding support to exclude any problems. If necessary, we provide a certificate for the goods in accordance with the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union and sanitary and epidemiological standards;

  • The process of identification of goods in customs clearance involves the definition of a chemical code, based on the accompanying documentation, packaging, scope, class of hazard and other nuances;

  • After the identification process is completed, there is made a check with a list of products allowed for use in Ukraine. Each product must comply with the standards specified in the list;

  • If the transported cargo coincides with the standards specified in the list, it safely goes through the process of customs clearance, and we ensure the receipt of the goods by the customer in the place specified by them.

To ensure the maximum convenience and economy of our customers, we organize export and import supplies of chemistry on a turnkey basis and on our behalf. We provide individual conditions in each case.

In the framework of the international code of rules "Incoterms", most often we deliver goods on the terms:

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