The company "TK Rondo" LLC offers services for conducting export transactions from Ukraine to CIS countries, Europe and Asia. We are ready to act as an authorized representative of your company when exporting goods. We take on all the stages of the transaction - from searching for customers in the CIS, Europe or China and preparing permits, to customs clearance and transportation of goods to the consignee.

Export of goods to CIS and EU countries.

When entering the international market, domestic manufacturers and suppliers are looking for opportunities primarily in Europe. The EU exports agricultural products, raw materials, petroleum products, metal, construction materials, equipment and components. Despite the established trade relations, the conclusion and conduct of international export transactions is associated with various difficulties in each individual case - from the correct choice of the CN (TNVED) code to the nuances of passing customs procedures. We offer our assistance in export processing to Europe.
For RONDO clients we perform:

  • Search for buyers in Poland, Belgium, Germany, Turkey and other EU countries;

  • Execution of a bilateral internal sale and purchase agreement for the further conduct of the export of goods from Ukraine on behalf of "TK Rondo" LLC;

  • Logistics, customs clearance, international contract with a foreign buyer and delivery of goods to him.

As a supplier company, we will help you to save your time, since we work directly with our customers in the CIS and the EU, with customs authorities, transport and insurance companies. This excludes the temporal and financial risks of the domestic producer and allows you to effectively conduct international activities when exporting goods or goods from Ukraine to Europe.

Export from Ukraine to China.

Besides the CIS and the EU countries, China is the next strategically important trade partner for Ukraine. Close ties, cooperation in various fields and the successful geographic location of countries make exports to China one of the most effective ways to promote domestic products in the markets of Asia.

We are ready to find a reliable partner in China for you, conclude an international supply contract on behalf of "TK Rondo" LLC and make all the necessary preparatory procedures for customs clearance, freight and delivery of the goods within the agreed time. We conclude a sale and purchase agreement with the Ukrainian exporter and we pay the supplier after the receipt of funds from a foreign buyer. For international transactions with both the EU and China, a Russian manufacturer/supplier needs a package of documents for export from Russia - an internal sales and purchase agreement with "TK Rondo" LLC, commodity invoices, technical documentation, certificates, product passports, an invoice. We do ourselves the collection and preparation of all the rest of the documentation, including CCD (Customs Cargo Declaration).

Advantages of addressing to RONDO company:

When addressing to our specialists, you receive the following benefits:

  • Minimization of risks in the performance of international transactions. Due to our experience, the risks of penalties, delays or seizures of goods at customs, the incorrect definition of customs value, and, consequently, overpayments for customs duties, are minimized. In addition, we independently plan the most profitable route and means of cargo transportation, which guarantees no problems with logistics.

  • Export to various countries of the world. We export to China, the EU and the CIS countries. We cooperate with reliable transport and insurance companies.

  • Output of domestic producers on the international market. Thanks to "TK Rondo" LLC you will be able to present your chemical products abroad.

You do not need to maintain a department for foreign economic activity - just contact our company and we will conduct an export deal for the export of goods to Europe and other regions on terms that are favorable for you.

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