The European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR) is a common designation for dangerous goods, which is universally applied in international practice.

Hazardous cargoes include goods transportation and storage conditions of which can cause a fire or explosion. 

There are 9 main classes of hazardous cargo:

      • Class 1: Explosives

      • Class 2: Pressurized and liquefied gases

      • Class 3: Highly flammable liquids

      • Class 4: Highly flammable solid cargo

      • Class 5: Oxidizing substances and organic peroxides

      • Class 6: Poisonous substances and infectious cargoes

      • Class 7: Radioactive materials

      • Class 8: Corrosive substances

      • Class 9: Other hazardous cargoes

The organization of transportation of hazardous cargo begins with its identification, definition of UN number, proper loading name, main and additional types of hazard. The packing and prepackaging of cargo also influent significantly on the conditions of transportation.

Transportation of industrial chemistry is a strictly regulated process, and the possibility of transporting such goods is not available to all.

One of the services provided by RONDO is the carriage of dangerous cargoes (ADR) of all classes of hazard.

 Rondo cars are equipped with ADR kits, and the drivers have the necessary permits, allowing to transport cargo of all classes.

Our logisticians are ready to advise you on the basic principles of transportation and, if necessary, to help with the organization of the ADR.

For implementation of hazardous cargo transportation, our company has the following criteria:

  • Permit for the right to deliver hazardous goods by road;

  • Reliable rolling stock, each car is allowed to transport hazardous goods of all classes;

  • Specially trained personnel - each of our drivers has ADR certificates.

Documents required for the transportation of hazardous goods:

  1. Certificate of driver's admission for the transport of hazardous goods;

  2. Certificate of admission of a vehicle for the carriage of hazardous goods;

  3. License for the transport of hazardous goods;

  4. Shipping manifest with the "hazardous goods" mark.


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