Today, freight traffic is an integral part of most stages of economic processes in almost any part of the world. There are three main types of cargo transportation: by water, by air and by land. The latter type of transportation, as a rule, includes road and rail transportation.

   In conditions of very tight competition among the suppliers of chemistry to the Ukrainian market, the undisputed leader is the one who is able to provide a full range of services: complete the order, arrange transportation and promptly deliver the goods while preserving its integrity. It is this attitude towards the realization of the tasks set that are the main advantages of the company TK Rondo LLC.

RONDO transport and logistics department has several dozens of trucks of various carrying capacity. Among them there are tankers for liquid cargo, and large tractors for the transport of dry packaged goods, and small trucks for moving small lots of assortment of chemical products.

 Specialists of the transport logistics department will help to calculate the delivery of cargo in the optimal ratio: the cost of the order + prompt delivery. RONDO delivers cargo to all regions of Ukraine without exception.

The service provided by the company includes the following types of services: 

  • Import of industrial chemistry from leading manufacturers of Europe and Asia

  • Export of chemical reagents to the countries of the former CIS

  • Customs clearance of cargoes

  • Transport of dangerous cargoes (ADR)

  • Delivery of bulky and modular cargoes in Ukraine:

  • direct mixed (rail + road transport)

  • automotive

Warehousing and package of cargo:

  • Convenient location of the warehouse allows avoiding many hours of traffic jams and restrictions on the movement of trucks, which is very important for the organization of efficient logistics.

  • The rational scheme of arrival, movement and departure of vehicles provides sufficient capacity for intensive freight traffic.

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